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Patch tests available on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

​Multi award winning Waxperts Wax is used when carrying out all our waxing treatments. A premium product that delivers excellent, gentle results compared to all other waxes available in salons.

At Well Gel Nails we follow a strict no double dip policy to keep our wax clean and you safe!!

​We offer both Waxperts warm strip wax which is best suited for larger areas such as arms and legs, and Waxperts  hot wax for smaller sensitive areas. 

Does it hurt?

You may feel a slight discomfort. This only lasts a few seconds. Once you have been waxed the hair follicle weakens so each time it becomes more comfortable. For best results return every 4-5 weeks for your waxing.

I’m nervous, Help!

Don’t be nervous, you are in good hands. We want to give you the best wax you have ever had. We are always happy to go at your pace and can offer a small patch test to see how you go.

What should I do in preparation?

A few days before exfoliate the area. On the day of your wax do not moisturise, apply deodorants or have any hot showers or heat based treatments.

Make sure the hairs are long enough for us to wax, the length of a grain of rice. (4-6 weeks from last shave/wax)

What is hot wax?

It’s a hard or peelable wax that is peeled off. It shrink wraps around the hair and lifts it up from the follicle and simply peels off.

Suitable for facial, underarm and bikini waxing. It is great for sensitive skin.

What is strip wax?

This is a wax that uses a muslin / paper strip to remove the wax and unwanted hair.

What Should I wear?

​Please bear in mind that we use pre and post oils during all waxing treatments, which can transfer onto underwear and clothing. We would recommend that you wear nothing too fancy to your appointment in case oils/wax transfers. It is best to wear casual loose clothing for your waxing appointment, to allow your skin to be unrestricted post wax.